Highlights from Monday, Mar 17, 2014

Week of March 17-21, 2014 


THURSDAY, March 20th 

Friendraiser 2014 is in the books and we met 100% of our goal. Johanna, Director of Support stopped by to thank the listeners. During Friendraiser, Dave's sons traveled from Texas and Dave is now adjusting to adding one of his sons back into the nest. Bill tried to find some sense of normalcy during Friendraiser and did one of his favorite things, research words. 

LISTEN Thank You from The Morning Cruise and Johanna, Director of Support 

LISTEN Dave's son moves back in 

LISTEN Bill's research on words 

LISTEN Bill's word game 


FRIDAY,  March 21st 

During Friendraiser, we got a note from Nicole who provided a challenge on the last day of fundraising. We talked with her afterwards to get more of her story. Also during Friendraiser, Carmen got a geography and language lesson. 

LISTEN Nicole's story 

LISTEN Nicole's call 

LISTEN Carmen and Merci