Highlights from Monday, Feb 10, 2014

Week of February 10-14, 2014 


MONDAY, February 10 

Carmen called a friend to hear about meeting Sean and Catherine, the latest couple to get married from "The Bachelor". We also called a Georgia listener who will be flying to Florida to attend a Casting Crowns concert. Carmen and Bill finally got around to celebrating Dave's birthday and Bill went to Pinterest to find a list of Romantic Getaways in the South. 

LISTEN Meeting Sean and Catherine Alissa family with The Bachelor couple

LISTEN Casting Crowns Flyaway winner 




LISTEN Dave's Birthday Cake Dave LSU Bday Cake

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TUESDAY, February 11 

Molly Reed and Robby Earle, aka City Harbor, stopped by to share some songs from their self-titled debut album. Before that, Carmen asked about chivalry and Bill had some life lessons from the TV show, Shark Tank. 

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LISTEN Chivalry Calls 

LISTEN Shark Tank Lessons 

LISTEN City Harbor- Mike Trouble 

LISTEN City Harbor- Molly talks about depression 

LISTEN City Harbor- Robby talks about rest 

LISTEN City Harbor- Shipping Pallet Game  

LISTEN City Harbor- Shipping Pallet Game Results 


WEDNESDAY, February 12 

Carmen had food on the mind as she talked about one pot meals and spaghetti squash. With Atlanta experiencing the severe winter weather, we shared a comment from Santa Paul as he dealt with the winter chill. 

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LISTEN Spaghetti Squash 

LISTEN Santa Paul and Atlanta weather woes 

THURSDAY, February 13 

Carmen shared an article from Relevant Magazine on Gossip. Bill added to the conversation with some comments about Self- Talk. Bill also tried to talk about the scientific relationship between the heart and brain. Carmen and Dave just couldn't take it seriously. 

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LISTEN Self-Talk 

LISTEN Heart Brain Science 

LISTEN Heart Brain Science- Part 2 


With Carmen out, Dave and Bill turned the show into a celebration of BACON! Bill did acknowledge the 4 types of love before we got serious and had Chef Doug in to sample some bacon-inspired items. Dave found a study that proves that bacon really does improve everything. 

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LISTEN Bacontines Day- Part 1

LISTEN Bacontines Day- Part 2 

LISTEN Bacon Improves Everything 


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