Highlights from Monday, Feb 03, 2014

Week of February 3-7, 2014


MONDAY, February 3 

Last week, we challenged Jayar to watch the Super Bowl in complete silence. If he completed the challenge, we offered an extra week of vacation to him and we would cover his show during that week. 

WATCH the challenge highlights 


TUESDAY, February 4

The Morning Cruise was on location this morning at UP Network studios with Casting Crowns to talk about their new album, THRIVE

TMC with Casting Crowns

LISTEN Casting Crowns- Update on Baby Silas 

LISTEN Casting Crowns- The Story behind the album, THRIVE. 

LISTEN Casting Crowns- Tree Trivia 

LISTEN Casting Crowns- This Is Now 

LISTEN Casting Crowns- House of their dreams 

LISTEN Casting Crowns- Band Superheroes

LISTEN Casting Crowns- Dream For You 

WEDNESDAY, February 5 

Dave, Bill and Carmen were in Atlanta and Carmen got a geography lesson from an Atlanta driver. They also shared an article from Relevant Magazine on "5 Really Bad Reasons to Leave A Church" 

LISTEN Carmen's geography lesson 

LISTEN 5 Bad Reasons to Leave A Church- Part 1 

LISTEN 5 Bad Reasons to Leave A Church- Part 2 


THURSDAY, February 6 

Dave found a house up for sale. It's the house used for filming the movie, Groundhog Day. We got several calls from folks on which house from a movie they would like to live in. Bill found a news story comparing time spent on Facebook vs. reading the Bible and suggested that there was an app for that. Carmen asked for prayer for her former radio partner, Dave "Flash" Morgan as tragedy hit his family with the death of his daughter. 

LISTEN Groundhog Day House 

LISTEN Groundhog Day House-calls 

LISTEN Bible Reading 

LISTEN Kid's Bible Reading 

LISTEN Carmen shares tragic news about the family of her former partner, Dave "Flash" Morgan. 


FRIDAY, February 7 

Coach Tony Dungy called in to tell us about the new book he co-wrote with his wife, Uncommon Marriage. We also shared a conversation we had with Mike Grayson when he stopped by the studio recently. 

LISTEN Coach Dungy Interview 

LISTEN Coach Dungy Interview Part 2 

LISTEN Mike from Mikeschair on City Harbor's Album Name 

LISTEN Mike from Mikeschair on his wedding anniversary 

LISTEN Mike from Mikeschair on Carmen's Birthday Gift