Highlights from Monday, Jan 27, 2014

Week of January 27-31, 2014 


MONDAY, January 27 

On Sunday night, there was a lot to watch on TV. Perhaps the most refreshing show was the Bachelor Wedding between Sean and Catherine, as their faith was prominently displayed on national TV.

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LISTEN Bachelor Bride's Baptism


TUESDAY, January 28

Dave shared the story of a couple that planned their wedding for February 2nd before they knew that the bride's favorite team would be playing in the Super Bowl that day! Bill told us about the fastest growing beverage company that just so happens to be one of Carmen's favorite juice brands. Carmen shared Mandisa's blog explaining why she wasn't present at the Grammy Awards to accept her award. 

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WEDNESDAY, January 29

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, Carmen took some time to share a story about QB Peyton Manning and his work ethic. Bill tried to talk about the State of the Union address. Carmen called her Aunt who is dealing with the winter weather and trying to make a trip to Florida to visit. Bill told us how the British royal family has been dealing with financial troubles. 

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LISTEN State of The Union and texting 

LISTEN Call to Carmen's Aunt 

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THURSDAY, January 30

The Morning Cruise has issued a challenge to Jayar as he prepares to watch his beloved Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl this weekend.  It's almost that time of year for Girl Scout Cookies and there is a new flavor for those that need gluten-free! 

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LISTEN The Morning Cruise challenges Jayar 

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FRIDAY, January 31 

Carmen shared her experience of a visit to the doctor for a follow-up to her mammogram. With the Super Bowl this weekend, and all the business that surrounds it, human trafficking is an unfortunate side effect. We sat down with Telesia to discuss how human trafficking plays a role with the big game. 

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LISTEN Super Bowl and Human Trafficking 

LISTEN Super Bowl, Human Trafficking and Telesia