Highlights from Monday, Jan 06, 2014

Week of January 6-10, 2014 


MONDAY, January 6 

Carmen did something during the holidays that she has never done before, but she is now hooked on skeet shooting! 

LISTEN Carmen goes skeet shooting

LISTEN Carmen and a listener talk shooting 


TUESDAY, January 7

Dave shared the story of a man who went on a McDonald's diet and lost 37 lbs. Carmen found a great way to manage-email and Bill talked about cyber security 

LISTEN  McDonald's diet 

READ the story of the McDonald's diet 

LISTEN E-mail managed 

LISTEN  cyber security 


WEDNESDAY, January 8 



THURSDAY, January 9 

Team Freedom will be doing the Gasparilla Distance Classic this year to raise funds. We shared a conversation with Natalie Grant about Abolition International, the organization she started to fight human trafficking. Carmen shared a list of the 13 things that mentally strong people avoid and also discussed the uses of chalkboard paint. 

LISTEN Natalie Grant on Team Freedom 

LISTEN Carmen shares an e-mail on human trafficking 

LISTEN Mentally strong people- part 1

LISTEN Mentally strong people- part 2

LISTEN Chalkboard paint

FRIDAY, January 10

Carmen shared an article on things that people over 30 shouldn't say and also talked about the iPhone "Phablet". 

LISTEN Things people over 30 shouldn't say 

LISTEN Phablet