Highlights from Monday, Dec 02, 2013

Week of December 2-6, 2013 


MONDAY, December 2 

Dave spent Thanksgiving in Louisiana and came across one of his favorite holiday decorations. Carmen found a list of things that just don't live up to the hype. Bill found devotions for Advent. 

LISTEN  Dave's weekend and fireplace

LISTEN Overrated list 

LISTEN Advent Devotions 

TUESDAY, December 3 

Now that we have a bigger and better signal for both Tampa and Atlanta, we asked for listeners to describe The Morning Cruise  to new listeners. Dave made a twist to the Balderdash board game so we could play it on the radio. Bill tells us about how he got injured making candy. 

LISTEN Caller describes The Morning Cruise- Part 1 

LISTEN Caller describes The Morning Cruise- Part 2 

LISTEN Balderdash definition

LISTEN Candy making injury 


WEDNESDAY, December 4

No Net Wednesday is when you get to bring up all  the topics. Since it is December, the show was largely about Christmas memories and traditions. 

LISTEN Passing on Christmas Traditions

LISTEN Most Humbling Christmas 

LISTEN Can Carmen Sing? 


THURSDAY, December 5 

Carmen shared a list of the right reasons to exercise and Dave shared his family Hot Chocolate recipe. 

LISTEN Right reasons to Exercise- Part 1 

LISTEN Right reasons to Exercise- Part 2 

LISTEN Hot Chocolate Recipe 

SEE Hot Chocolate Recipe 


FRIDAY, December 6 

The LIVE version of The Sound of Music aired on national television and got Bill very excited. Dave created a game about the musical and shared one of his favorite things. 

LISTEN Dave's Sound of Music game 

LISTEN The Sound of Music Sing-A-Long

LISTEN Dave's Favorite Things