Highlights from Monday, Nov 18, 2013

Week of November 18-22, 2013 


MONDAY, November 18 

The Morning Cruise made a big announcement about a project that has been in the works for nearly a year: The launching of a bigger and better signal for Tampa Bay! Carmen also shared a piece on Billy Graham and his regrets. Dave shared something he might regret! 

LISTEN Tampa Power Up Announcement 

LISTEN Billy Graham's regrets- Part 1 

LISTEN Billy Graham's regrets- Part 2

LISTEN Dave's Curly Picture 


TUESDAY, November 19 

Amy Robach of ABC's Good Morning America, recently had a mammogram on-air and soon afterwards discovered that she had breast cancer. So Dave asked Carmen about her mammogram experience and several listeners shared their stories dealing with this issue. 

LISTEN  Amy Robach's story 

LISTEN  Dave asks Carmen about mammograms 

LISTEN  Listener's mammogram experiences- Part 1 

LISTEN  Listener's mammogram experiences- Part 2

LISTEN  LIstener's mammogram experiences- Part 3 


WEDNESDAY, November 20 

 Carmen shared a list of 23 things that women need to STOP doing. 

LISTEN  23 things women need to stop doing- Part 1 

LISTEN  23 things women need to stop doing- Part 2 


THURSDAY, November 21 

Carmen found a new product for your toilet and a listener shared her story of getting stuck in a toilet. Bill shared the story of a mom that got a note sent from school about her children's lunches. He also brought up a story about childhood obesity. 

LISTEN Toilet Lights 

LISTEN Caller stuck in toilet 

LISTEN School Lunch Story 

LISTEN Obesity and family 

LISTEN The Morning Cruise responds to both stories 

FRIDAY, November 22 

We launched a bigger and better signal for the Tampa Bay area.