Highlights from Monday, Nov 11, 2013

Week of November 11-15, 2013 


MONDAY, November 11 

On Veterans Day, we are thankful for those that have served in the Armed Forces. We shared several stories about military veterans. 

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LISTEN Veterans Day- Dog Tags 

LISTEN Fallen Soldier Flight 

TUESDAY, November 12 

Tuesday was all about the Southern Accent. We talked to several people with Southern Accents, as it was recently voted on as the most attractive accent. 

LISTEN Jake's High School Football Update 

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LISTEN New York Accent 

WEDNESDAY, November 13 

Bill, a longtime baseball fan, found himself at a soccer game as two of his sons have taken to the sport. Since he isn't familiar with the game, he had difficulty knowing when to cheer. As we are in the midst of T-shirts For Turkeys and relief efforts are under way after the super typhoon hit the Phillipines, we discussed the proper items to donate to such causes. 

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THURSDAY, November 14 

Sriracha sauce seems to be the one of the newest food trends and it is now available in candy cane form. Bill also shared information on the Cryptolocker virus protection. 

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LISTEN Computer Virus 

FRIDAY, November 15 

Carmen got nostalgic about Christmas and Dave remembered the cardboard fireplaces. They also discussed the blog that has gone viral, entitled, "Marriage Isn't For You." 

LISTEN Nostalgic Christmas Tree 

LISTEN Cardboard Fireplace 

LISTEN Marriage Isn't For You- Part 1 

LISTEN Marriage Isn't For You- Part 2