Highlights from Monday, Oct 07, 2013

Week of October 7-11, 2013 

In January, Dave and Carmen had the opportunity to hear Francis Chan speak at Passion 2013. Chan spoke on being faithful and used the story of his friend, Frank, to illustrate his point.  Francis Chan

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WATCH Francis Chan's talk at Passion 2013 (portion that aired on The Morning Cruise starts at 26:05 of video)


MONDAY, October 7 

Dave and Bill report on their experience over the weekend with their new Fitbits. Food and Instagram are two popular topics on The Morning Cruise. When you combine those two topics, you can impact your diet. Dave shared the story of a young boy who went to the source to settle a debate over the quietness of Navy SEALS vs. Ninjas. Carmen shared a story about a forgetful groom that got into a lot of trouble. 

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LISTEN Navy SEALS vs. Ninjas 


Groom leaving court

The groom as he left the court


TUESDAY, October 8 

Carmen shared a list of Lipstick brands that have been tested for lead. Bill talked about a school district in California that has begun monitoring student social media posts in an effort to stop bullying. 

LISTEN Toxic Lipstick- Part 1 

LISTEN Toxic Lipstick- Part 2 

LISTEN Toxic Lipstick- Part 3 

LISTEN School Monitoring- Part 1 

LISTEN School Monitoring- Part 2 


WEDNESDAY, October 9 

It's all about the beard! Or, at least, it seems that way! Beards have been all the rage in sports and especially with the popularity of The Duck Dynasty Crew. We talked with singer/songwriter Lindsay McCaul about her husband and his full year's worth of beard growth. After that chat, Carmen got an idea and had a caller ask her bearded husband a difficult question. 

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LISTEN Lindsay McCaul and beards

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LISTEN A caller shares Lindsay's pain with a husband that is growing a "1-year beard" 

LISTEN Caller asks her bearded husband a difficult question 


THURSDAY, October 10 

Carmen is celebrating her husband's birthday this weekend. She recently ruined a surprise that was set up for him for the last 2 months! But misery loves company, and a few listeners chimed in to share similar stories. Our resident bookworm, Bill, found a study that says literature increases brainpower. Carmen compared books to boyfriends. Dave poses the question of eating at a restaurant that features expired products 

LISTEN Carmen ruins the birthday surprise

LISTEN Ruined surprise call- Part 1 

LISTEN Ruined surprise call- Part 2 

LISTEN The Morning Cruise calls Pete to get his side of the story 

LISTEN Literature increases brainpower 

LISTEN Books are like boyfriends 

LISTEN Used food restaurant 


FRIDAY, October 11 

Raccoons are causing havoc in the Martin household. Bill also shared a story out of London about a development that could lead to a breakthrough for Alzheimer's disease. 

LISTEN Bill's raccoon troubles 

LISTEN Alzheimer's breakthrough 

READ the BBC story on the Alzheimer's breakthrough