Highlights from Monday, Sep 30, 2013

Week of September 30-October 4, 2013 


The JOY FM family has been expanding in more ways than one! Recently, our producer, Hitch, and his wife, Kristen adopted their first child! We brought him in to share that story this week:

Baby Hitch

LISTEN Baby Hitch Adoption Story- Part 1 

LISTEN Baby Hitch Adoption Story- Part 2 

If you or someone you know is interested in Adoption, here is a list of websites to learn more: 

Heartland for Children

Adopt Florida 

Florida Baptist Children's Homes 

Georgia Division of Children and Family Services 

Bethany Christian Services 

Heart Gallery of America 

Show Hope 

American Academy of Adoption Attorneys 

MONDAY, September 30 

Debora and KeilaOver the weekend, Mariano Rivera's historic baseball career came to an end. A few years ago, The Morning Cruise had the chance to meet the New York Yankees pitcher. And he was kind enough to take a picture! Carmen also heard from Keila, the girl she met in Honduras. 

LISTEN Mariano Rivera, The Morning Cruise photographer

LISTEN Carmen hears from Keila


Tuesday, October 1 

Carmen did something at lunch on Monday that surprised Dave. It seems Carmen was messing with a product that she has been secretly wearing. 

LISTEN Carmen gets caught with the Fitbit

LISTEN Carmen's Fitbit gives her an idea

LISTEN Joe Gumm, from CBS in Tampa, calls Carmen to ask about the Fitbit


Wednesday, October 2nd



Thursday, October 3

Carmen called Brian (B-Wall) to share a story that he told everyone in Honduras. Dave discovered a new fitness trend.

LISTEN Brian weighs his head 

LISTEN Mermaid Fitness 


Friday, October 4

The boys got their Fitbits. . .and the challenge began!