Highlights from Monday, Sep 23, 2013

Week of September 23-27, 2013 


Thursday, September 26, 2013 

The Morning Cruise is back after a successful Sharathon 2013 campaign! Thanks for all of your help in making it happen! 

We shared a couple of favorite moments from the final day of Sharathon that pretty much sum up The Morning Cruise. 

LISTEN Eggs for Jesus

LISTEN Carmen shares a hidden talent


Friday, September 27, 2013 

During Sharathon, you might have been lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to Chris Tomlin's Burning Lights tour at The University of Florida in November. The Morning Cruise spent some time chatting with Chris Tomlin about his tour, his college allegiance, life as a family man, his song, Shepherd Boy and much more. 


LISTEN Chris Tomlin talks about his Burning Lights Tour and his college allegiance

LISTEN Chris Tomlin talks about his wife and daughter

LISTEN Carmen asks Chris about his song, Shepherd Boy

LISTEN Dave asks Chris about the worst trouble he ever got in...

LISTEN Bill asks Chris if his family has influenced his songwriting

LEARN more about Chris Tomlin's Burning Lights tour stop at the University of Florida on November 5th! 


Tomlin Burning Lights