Highlights from Monday, Aug 05, 2013

Week of August 5-9, 2013 

We spent some time throughout the week talking with Julie and Rusty Bulloch, stars of the the new hit show, Bulloch Family Ranch on the UP Network, about their new show.

LISTEN How the show got started Bulloch Family Ranch

LISTEN The Bullochs share the story of Davin, one of the boys that has joined their family

LISTEN The Bullochs house rules

LISTEN The Bullochs discuss their approach to discipline with all the kids under their roof

LISTEN Rusty talks about his various jobs 

LISTEN Carmen asks Julie for a woman's perspective on being on tv and then wants to know how The Morning Cruise can make a guest appearance! 

Monday, August 5

SharknadoSharks! Tornadoes! Sharknadoes! It's that time of year again, Discovery Channel's annual SHARK WEEK!! The Morning Cruise spent some time trying to figure out this pop culture phenomenon and the latest show that has everyone talking, Sharknado on The SYFY Channel. 

LISTEN Shark Week

LISTEN Sharknado 

SERIOUSLY?  A Sharknado sequel was announced.

Tuesday, August 6 

Carmen posted a topic on The Morning Cruise Facebook page, asking a question that came up around her dinner table. We spent some time talking with listeners about the subject. 

LISTEN Not for a Million Dollars 

LISTEN Not for a Million Dollars- Callers' Reactions 

Wednesday, August 7 NO NET WEDNESDAY 

No Net Wednesday is something we do on the first Wednesday of every month. It's when we open up the phone lines and ask the listeners to come up with the topics for discussion that day. We never know what we're gonna get! 

LISTEN Camper Disaster 

LISTEN What Inspires? 

Thursday, August 8 

Dave found an app encouraging people to not waste so much food and swap their leftovers with other users of this social media app. Bill was not very enthusiastic about the idea! 

LISTEN Leftover Swap 

LISTEN Leftover Swap Callers- Part 1 

LISTEN Leftover Swap Callers- Part 2 


Friday, August 9 

We spoke with Steve and Lisa Griswold ( their real last name) about their recent trip to Griswold Family TrucksterDisney World in their recently converted family "Truckster" designed to look like the vehicle from the fictional Griswolds of National Lampoon's Vacation.

LISTEN The Griswolds go to Disney World in the Truckster

LISTEN The Griswolds talk Vacation and what's next

WATCH The Griswolds Family Vacation at Disney


LISTEN Thieves recently targeted a charity. Once they realized what they had done, they returned the stolen items.