Highlights from Monday, Jul 29, 2013

Week of July 29, 2013 


Monday, July 29 

Dave, Bill and Carmen are back from vacation. They spent much of Monday sharing stories from their travelsBill tattoo

LISTEN  Bill and the Facebook Photo Firestorm- Part 1  

LISTEN  Bill and the Facebook Photo Firestorm- Part 2 

LISTEN  Bill and the Facebook Photo Firestorm- Part 3 

LISTEN  Dave searches for his Honeymoon Cabin 

LISTEN  Dave gets a taste of his Louisiana hometown in Tennessee

Tuesday, July 30

Carmen Kellie CruiseCarmen left her Kindle in the ship's cabin during a cruise to Alaska with her best friend (who just lost her husband) over a week ago. That got us thinking about stuff you might have lost or left on vacation.

LISTEN  You gotta hear what this woman left and this guy lost when he sold his truck!! 

Update: Carmen got a call from the cruise line. They found her Kindle and are sending it back. So now, no more excuses for not keeping up with the Bonhoeffer reading!

Wednesday, July 31

Team Freedom got new marching (running) orders this week. And Miss Lilly is 95 years Bill with Miss Lillyold. She inspired a song and is still inspiring hundreds with her life of faithfulness and service.

LISTEN   Carmen announced plans for a new half marathon in 2014 to benefit Abolition International, and one of our team members called.

LISTEN   Bill met the woman who inspired Josh Wilson's song, "I See God In You." She is precious!

Thursday, August 1

Mark Hall (Casting Crowns) is familiar with back pain. Since Carmen threw here back out two weeks ago, we thought we'd ask Mark how he deals with it.

LISTEN   Mark was only too ready to discuss this with us.

LISTEN   Here's how Mark deals with occasional back pain--back pads.

LISTEN   Casting Crowns just got out of the studio with a new record in the works!

Friday, August 2

Sweat? No sweat.

LISTEN  Dave asked a question: Why do we feel we have to continue to work for grace? It prompted lots of calls and requests that we post this!

LISTEN   Our friend Andrea inspired us (she's not surprised) to post sweaty pics! Carmen posted hers on our Facebook page.

LISTEN   Andrea's journey has resulted in not only fitness and 70 pounds shed, but also a new outlook and attitude.