Highlights from Monday, Jun 24, 2013

Week of June 24-28, 2013 Summer Cruise 8 (Week 2) 

Summer Cruise 8 Week 2

Day 1 

It's Week 2 of Summer Cruise 8 with for King & Country. Luke and Joel kicked off the Florida leg of the Summer Cruise tour in studio with The Morning Cruise. If only they could pronounce the names of the towns they will be stopping in.  Carmen's mom did some research and found out that Joel has been busy with a budding movie career. Oh, and last night, a friend of The JOY FM and The Morning Cruise walked a tightrope across the Grand Canyon. Congratulations to Nik Wallenda! 

LISTEN  for King & Country announces the Summer Cruise 8 Florida stops 

LISTEN  Joel's budding movie career 

LISTEN  The Morning Cruise and for King & Country discuss Nik Wallenda's Skywire walk across the Grand Canyon


Day 2 


The Summer Cruise made a pit stop at Dee's Place in Sebring and a packed house greeted the Aussies known as for King & Country. Before they took the stage this morning, we heard from Joel's fiancee, Moriah Peters and challenged the couple to the 'Almost Newlywed Game'. After they treated the crowd to a few of their songs, we had a little more fun with the accents. The residents of Nashville, TN, Joel and Luke, showed off their southern accents while Dave and Bill "attempted" Australian accents. 


LISTEN  Almost Newlywed Game Part 1 

LISTEN  Almost Newlywed Game Part 2 

LISTEN  Switched Accents 


Day 3 

It's Day 3 of this road trip we like to call Summer Cruise 8! While on the road, Dave found some common ground with Luke and we shared some stories from listeners we met along the way! 

LISTEN  Carmen tells the story of a listener that recovered from a shooting incident and is now a youth pastor 

LISTEN  A family shares their story of adoption through Steven Curtis Chapman's organization, Show Hope

LISTEN  Dave found common ground with Luke while discussing C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and U2's Bono

(Note: Bono's Focus on the Family Interview aired on June 25th. Click here to listen to the broadcast.)


Day 4 

We are nearing the end of the road with for King & Country and Summer Cruise 8 with The Morning Cruise. Luke and Joel took a break from playing songs before the last two stops and sat down for a chat with Dave, Bill and Carmen. Carmen and Luke compared favorites, Joel shared a story about a woman saved from suicide by the lyrics of their song, Proof of Your Love, Luke reviewed Bonhoeffer, Carmen is possibly regretting a book recommendation by Luke, and after 2 weeks Luke and Joel take the helm and trade roles with Dave and Bill.  

LISTEN  Carmen and Luke compare favorites

LISTEN  Joel's story about a fan's attempt at suicide and how Proof of Your Love impacted her decision

LISTEN  Luke's review of Bonhoeffer

LISTEN  Carmen thinks twice after purchasing a book that Luke recommended

LISTEN   A role reversal by all the guys- Luke, Joel, Dave and Bill



Day 5 

It's the last day of The Summer Cruise 8 with for King & Country and The Morning Cruise. Despite having a shipwrecked RV for their final stop, Luke and Joel joined us earlier than usual to chat.  Before they said goodbye, we chatted with Joel about his upcoming nuptials to Moriah Peters and Luke turned the tables on Dave, Bill and Carmen as he tried to become a DJ. 

LISTEN  Joel's post- Summer Cruise plans 

LISTEN  Joel's last minute wedding plans 

LISTEN  Joel's wedding venue 

LISTEN  Luke considers a second career in radio 

LISTEN  The tale of the shipwrecked RV 

LISTEN  for King & Country say goodbye 

LISTEN  The Morning Cruise share their thoughts about their new friends, Luke and Joel of for King & Country 




Summer Cruise 8- Broken Egg 2  

Standing room only at The Broken Egg for Summer Cruise 8 with for King & Country



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