Highlights from Monday, Jun 17, 2013

Week of June 17- 21, 2013 SUMMER CRUISE 8

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Day 1 

It's Day 1 of the Summer Cruise and we spent the morning getting to know Luke and Joel Smallbone, aka for KING & COUNTRY. We learned about their first jobs, what scared them as children, their places in the birth order of the family and what it is like being the younger brothers of Rebecca St. James, as well as appropriate items to bring to  The Summer Cruise 8 stops. 

LISTEN  for King & Country tell us about their first paid job

LISTEN  Luke and Joel discuss what scared them the most as children and their place in the birth order of their talented family. 

LISTEN  The guys answer what it is like being the younger brothers of Rebecca St. James

LISTEN It has become an unofficial Summer Cruise tradition to bring small gifts for the artists. Since it was Day 1, we discussed appropriate items to bring for our new friends from Down Under.


Day 2 

On Day 2, we sat down with for King & Country to talk about a few of the songs from their new album, Crave. Joel also took some time to encourage everyone to value, respect, and honor women. And, of course, we had a few laughs with the Aussie blokes and their accents! 

LISTEN  Luke shares the story behind the title track from the album, Crave.

LISTEN  Joel and Luke talk about for King & Country's time on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the song they sang on the show, Proof of Your Love.

LISTEN Joel takes a moment to share some thoughts on respect and honor towards women. 

LISTEN Laugh along with The Morning Cruise and for King & Country's Joel as he shares a story about his dad trying to order food at the drive-thru. 


Day 3 

The Morning Cruise wrapped up the Georgia portion of The Summer Cruise 8 with for King & Country. Each one of the Summer Cruise stops has it's own unique flavor. Dave, Bill and Carmen shared some of the stories from the 4 stops in Georgia. And, in true Carmen fashion, she tried to suggest gifts to bring to our new friends, Luke and Joel. Let's just say, it didn't come out quite like Carmen intended to... 


LISTEN Dave, Bill and Carmen shared stories about their own fathers recently. Those stories resonated with our listeners who got the chance to share with The Morning Cruise at their Summer Cruise stops. 

LISTEN Carmen tried to get creative with gift suggestions for the Aussie boys



Day 4 

This morning we talked about Yelp, a website and app that provides for reviews for just about everything in your town for restaurants and other local businesses. As Dave found out, you can also find reviews of local jails! Carmen and Bill also spent some time discussing Bonhoeffer only to find out that they had some catching up to do! 


LISTEN  Dave found a surprising Yelp review 

LISTEN  A review of Bonhoeffer by Dave 


Day 5 

The Morning Cruise wrapped up week 1 of The Summer Cruise 8 from Atlanta this morning. As they have toured Georgia along with for King & Country, food has been a big focus throughout the week. Carmen shared an article she found of 8 ingredients that are commonly used in American foods but banned in other countries. And with today being the first day of Summer (officially!), we took some time to talk with Brian LaMarre, Meteorologist-in-charge, at The National Weather Service to talk about Hurricane Safety. 

LISTEN  8 American ingredients banned in other countries- Part 1 

LISTEN  8 American ingredients banned in other countries- Part 2

LISTEN  Hurricane Safety with Brian LaMarre of the National Weather Service- Part 1 

LISTEN  Hurricane Safety with Brian LaMarre of the National Weather Service- Part 2 


for King & Country with Dave and Bill