Highlights from Monday, Apr 29, 2013

Week of April 29 - May 3, 2013

With life's excesses piling up around her, Jen Hatmaker embarked on a self-imposed challenge to simplify her family's life.  She wondered if the experiment would turn them into freewheeling radicals, while her 11-year-old son informed her that she was ruining their lives.  7 months, 7 areas of excess, 7 simple choices --- this would mean devoting 7 months, each to a different focus.  Fast-food would take a back seat to a simple 7-choice menu.  A wardrobe tailored down from 300+ options to merely 7 articles of clothing.  And an entire month cut off from their dizing arsinal of electronics.  There would be no excessive shopping, money would only be spent at 7 key locations.  The next month would find them giving away 7 personal possessions each day to a family in need.  The would devote a month to going green, and another spent in meditation, prayer, and moments of quiet reflection.  It wouldn't be easy, in fact it might drive them crazy, but by living a greatly reduced life, they hope to discover a greatly increased God.  So, what are you doing for the next 7 months?


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RUSH Weekend is an annual event held at The Rock Ranch, about an hour south of Atlanta, with one purpose: to equip students with the necessary tools in which to reach others for Christ.  Last year, with over 4,000 in attendance during RUSH Weekend, there were 603 decisions for Christ! 

R.U.S.H. began as a strategy in 2004 by founder Marc Pritchett.  RUSH is short for "Reaching the Unchurched Students for Him."  Their goal is to effectively and creatively convey the truths of God's word to students, whereby they grow in their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The result of which is to create in those students a burning desire to "REACH" out to other students and those who may never attend a local church.

This year, RUSH Weekend will include Switchfoot, David Crowder, Kristian Stanfill, and speakers Brad Jones, Tony Nolan, and Marc Pritchett.  Oh, and Willie and Si from Duck Dynasty are on the schedule as well!

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On Monday, April 30th, Tim Tebow, the 25-year-old NFL football star who gained fame for his open displays of his Christian faith on and off the field, found out that the New York Jets will no longer be using his services. 

Shortly after receiving the news, he tweeted a passage from Proverbs: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straigh."  That remains Tebow's only comment on the release so far.

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There is something special about an old country store.  Perhaps it's the warm welcoming faces behind the counter.  Perhaps it's the welcoming aroma as you walk in and your nose delights in the scent of candles, potpourri, and other country scents.  Perhaps it's the old-fashioned candy selection that takes you back.  Perhaps it's the combination of oldies music and trains running around the ceiling.  Perhaps the two old 50's fuel pumps outside.  Or perhaps it's just the feeling of that you've stepped back in time --- a time when life was easier, people weren't so busy, you could create an account on an index card, and the honor system was honored.

In the small town of Fairplay in South Douglas County (Georgia), approximately 17 miles west of Downtown Atlanta, you'll find Pop's Country Store.  Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, was President when Jimmy "Pop's" Daniel first opened for business in 1945.  Nearly seven decades later, folks say "Pop's" could be found sitting in a chair in the store greeting customers and friends with a smile and down-home conversation.

The fixtures, the recycled, worn wood floors and the layout were virtually unchanged in the nearly seven decades it has served the area. The other thing that has never changed is the kindness inside the generations of caring people who owned and operated the business.

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