Highlights from Monday, Feb 25, 2013

Week of February 25, 2013 - March 1, 2013


Carmen made a committment on February 27, 2013, her 42nd birthday, to not shop for anything new for an entire year.  She talked about this at length in Carmen's Blog.

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Two Body Interactions: A Longitudinal Study

Cutest physicist marriage proposal ever? A Redditor who says both she and her boyfriend are physicists shared the tool with which he proposed. Dated March 23, 2012, it's a "longitudinal study" of "two body interactions," tracing the couple's relationship from their first rainy encounter ("the subject spontaneously appeared in a red coat and grey 'Paddington bear' hat") to the present (a chart of happiness over time with a steep upward trajectory). It concludes with a proposal to continue the study indefinitely. Propitiously, the "Yes" answer has been checked. Commenters griped that the study had no control group or references, lacked a peer review and may not be easily replicated — and offered their congratulations.

LISTEN   Dave, Bill, and Carmen talk about the geeky proposal. 

Finishing The Race

Last weekend, Carmen and approximately 150 other inspiring women laced up for freedom, and ran 13.1 miles in the Disney Princess Half Marathon for Abolotion International, an organization that combats human trafficking through advocacy, education, and restoration.  Carmen talked about the struggles that she encountered, and the inspiration that carried her to the finish line. 


Related: Amanda's story is one example of the impact of Abolition International, founded by JOY FM artist Natalie Grant.


Other Highlights From This Week:

LISTEN  Our dear co-worker, Mary, recommended that we make a smoothie using....Chia Seeds.

LISTEN  And because we are brave and are not afraid to try anything, we gave it a try!

LISTEN   Because we liked Mary's smoothie, she provided us with the recipe...

LISTEN  Bill provided Carmen with a birthday gift from The Morning Cruise team... 

LISTEN  and then a few days later, this happened....