Highlights from Monday, Jan 21, 2013

Week of January 21-25, 2013

LISTEN   JOY FM Artist Josh Wilson talked about the story behind his newest song called "Carry Me"

LISTEN  Josh Wilson also talked about another song on his new album called "Let There Be Light."

Can we talk? Specifically, is it even possible to bring up the serious subject of abortion without generating more political heat than reason? We tried to do that very thing.

LISTEN   Bill introduced abortion as a universal moral issue, not a political football.

LISTEN   Then we talked about the real issue and the "pro-choice / pro-life" labels.

LISTEN   The real issue is: "What is the product of human conception?"

LISTEN   Dave and Carmen added some powerful word pictures.


Other stories and laughs from this week:

LISTEN  Bill's wife, Kimberly Martin, believes that her uvula is missing...

LISTEN  While out and about this week, the Tour de Gramps' passed Dave Cruse...