Highlights from Monday, Jan 14, 2013

Week of January 14-18, 2013

LISTEN  A photograph showing a man teaching his girlfriend how to read the alphabet has gone viral this week. 

CLICK HERE  to see the original picture that was posted on Reddit. 


Other stories and laughs from this week:

LISTEN  Miss America 20122 settles into college life and continues pointing people toward Jesus. 

LISTEN  Dave, Bill, and Carmen discuss Lance Armstronng's interview with Oprah.

LISTEN  Call to Brandon Heath Part 1.

LISTEN  Call to Brandon Heath Part 2.

LISTEN   This week, we learned that Bill wants to get back into excercising....his brain.

LISTEN   Carmen made a very special international call to the UK.

LISTEN   Our Atlanta Producer, Matt, was inspired this week to write a poem about snow...or the lack thereof.

LISTEN   And then he was inspired to write a poem about Carrie Underwood....