Highlights from Monday, Dec 10, 2012

Week of December 10-14, 2012

Thank you for helping expand the family! On Wednesday, we spent a day trying to raise $1 million toward our ONE DAY campaign, so that 3.45 million people in Tampa will be able to hear The JOY FM. Our total at the end of the day was just over 60% -- $608,000!  You can still help, if you missed the on-air campaign. Click the banner below.  

LISTEN   The Reason for Carmen's Tears - Another "Lucy Moment."

LISTEN   Over the weekend, Carmen threw her mom a surprise 60th birthday party.  She wanted to make sure it was more than just cake and ice cream! 

LISTEN   Bill recently attended his 9-year-old son's church musical. 

WATCH   Did you hear the story of Rob Dempsey, our co-worker, who found Christ on a walkman as a homeless teenager near Tampa? Check out the video.