Highlights from Monday, Dec 03, 2012

Week of December 3-7, 2012




LISTEN   Carmen illustrated that there is HOPE even when life is seemingly hopeless.



One of the most memorable (and emotional) moments we have experienced together happened a few years ago, when we received a letter from a listener named Scottie, who had not seen in her father in over thirty years.  The only memory that she had was a picture of her father holding her when she was a baby.  With a little planning and a few phone calls, we were able to reunite the father and daughter in a surprise meeting.  Here is how it all played out...

LISTEN   Reunion Story Part I

LISTEN   Reunion Story Part II


Other stories and laughs from the week:

LISTEN  Carmen read a powerful email from a listener.

LISTEN  Bill remembers Jazz icon Dave Brubeck.

LISTEN  Dave recommended a great snack for the upcoming FootBOWL games.  

LISTEN   Carmen socks listeners...No, Really!

LISTEN   Bill has an ornament problem...

LISTEN   Dave has been busy writing a Christmas musical for his church.