Highlights from Monday, Oct 08, 2012

Monday-Friday, October 8-12, 2012


LISTEN  Carmen recently discovered The Evolution of Smooth, and no, we're not talking about a 90s rock band.  It's actually lip balm that comes in an egg.  The EOS egg actually got Dave in trouble...Well, okay, he got himself in trouble. 

Carmen also recently discovered a go-to book on rebuilding a healthy body image and making peace with food.  The book is called Intuitive Eating and you can check it out for yourself by visiting http://www.intuitiveeating.org/




On Friday's Show, we had a serious discussion of the new research from the Pew Forum's study on religious affliation. 1 in 5 U.S. adults now claim to have "no religion," making that group the fastest growing "religious" group in the nation and downgrading the Protestant majority from 53% (2007) to 48%. We didn't post the discussion, but we promised you some resources on the subjects that came up with our listeners:

CLICK HERE To read the Pew Forum's summary of the study.

CLICK HERE  For Randy Newman's blog, "Keep it Complicated."

CLICK HERE  For "6 Reflections" blog with "3 wrong responses."

CLICK HERE  For a program on defending the faith that helps believers know not just WHAT to think, but also HOW to think. 

CLICK HERE  For a clearinghouse of resources and links for defending the faith!

CLICK HERE To find the Oct. 14 simulcast featuring Lee Strobel, Mark Mittleton and William Lane Craig. (Three Atlanta area churches are participating; click "Events near you.")

And here are several listener-recommended resources for understanding the faith / science challenge we discussed:

Reasons To Believe - Faith, Science ("Old Earth") and Apogetics.

Discovery Institute - Home of Intelligent Design (ID) research.

Answers In Genesis - Ken Ham's "Young Earth" perspective in defending the faith


By popular demand, here is the story of the illusionist who became a believer through the witness of modern science to the truth of God's revelation!

LISTEN   Dave tells the Jim Monroe Story.

WATCH   See Jim tell it for himself on "I Am Second."



Dr. Amy Black
is a Political Science Professor at Wheaton College, and has written a book titled Honoring God in Red or Blue: Approaching Politics with Humility, Grace, and Reason. At a time w


When public discourse is too often divisive, Dr. Black calls Christians to a more reasoned and humble approach to politics. 

LISTEN   Bill had a chance to talk with Dr. Amy Black about her book and the importance of approaching politics with humility, grace, and reason.

LISTEN   Bill talked with Dr. Amy Black about how to bring faith into politics and create civil discourse in an uncivil world.

LISTEN   Bill asked Dr. Amy Black about her take on the Presidential Debate earlier this month. 



LISTEN  This Wednesday was a "No Net Wednesday" with a twist.  Instead of listeners asking us questions, we decided to flip it.  Using Table Topics, we asked callers questions.

LISTEN   Bill asked a caller from the Atlanta area what his favorite dessert is.  His answer prompted a Google search...and a recipe print.

LISTEN   Dave, Bill, and Carmen each answer a great question that they asked Courtney.




Several weeks ago, Dave, Bill, and Carmen had an opportunity to spend a weekend in Nashville, Tennessee with some of the storytellers who have inspired songs on Matthew West's new album, Into The Light.  One of the individuals they met was a young man named Jordan whose life was nearly destroyed by OxyContin.