Highlights from Friday, Sep 21, 2012

Thursday and Friday, September 20-21, 2012

Our annual SHARATHON wrapped up Wednesday, leaving us only two days to bring you a couple of top-quality-never-exhausted-award-worthy shows! Here are a few highlights.

Mo Isom just moved back to Atlanta, having wrapped up a season Mo Isomof athletic stardom on LSU's women's soccer team and failing her bid as a placekicker for the #2 football program in the nation.

LISTEN   Get to know Mo and you'll discover her story has some depth.

LISTEN   Here's the heart of Mo's very inspiring story.

LISTEN   Carmen tried to play matchmaker. Hello, TIM, are you listening?

Just for fun, here are a few more brow-raising breaks from Thursday-Friday:

LISTEN   Here's the Starbucks fingernails story!PRENDS MOI Perfume

LISTEN   Guess who came to Survivor Island this season? 

LISTEN   Dave discovered the latest high-tech running shoes. . .  

LISTEN   . . .Which inspired Bill to tell about the latest diet-motivating perfume... (If you have to know, click here.)

LISTEN   . . .Which took Dave to the Disney Bath Store!