Highlights from Monday, Aug 27, 2012

Monday-Friday, August 27-August 31, 2012

Carmen had several conversations going on Facebook this week, which brought up the subjects of resisting temptation when dining out and finding embarassing things in the car.

LISTEN   Here's what Carmen does to avoid tasty french fries.

LISTEN   You admitted some pretty funny things in your messy car!

We told some REALLY INSPIRING STORIES this week.
Mo Isom

LISTEN   Dave brought us the story of Georgia girl and LSU athlete, Mo Isom

READ   Here's her story.

With the political events of the day and the election season in full bloom, we (mostly Bill) got on a tear about Politics and Civility!

LISTEN   We noticed people speaking out on Facebook, and Dave offered a reason why people are just feeling "done" with listening to any political campaigning.

LISTEN   Bill gave us "The ABCs of Better Debate" as a challenge to Christians to confront the rhetoric.

LISTEN   Humilty in Politics? How about all of life, according to Scripture.

LISTEN   Relevant Magazine brought up the turn-off of politics to young adults.

LISTEN   And we summarized their remedy for Christians active in politics.

READ   The magazine's website (note: The current issue was not online yet at the time of this posting)


In September, Matthew West will release his latest project called "Into The Light."  The songs on the new album were inspired by some JOY FM listeners like Renee and Tim.  You have heard Renee's powerful story of "Forgiveness" on The Morning Cruise, so now it is our honor to introduce you to 19-year-old Tim who has Cerebral Palsy. 

LISTEN  Dave, Bill, and Carmen introduce you to Tim.

LISTEN  Tim explains how he met Matthew West and inspired him to write the song "Wonderfully Made," which will be on Matthew's forthcoming album, 'Into The Light.'

LISTEN  Tim's mom offered power words of encouragement to others who  may be facing similiar challenges.