Highlights from Monday, Aug 13, 2012

Monday-Friday, August 13 - August 17, 2012

They called it a "game changer" when Pete Wilson interviewed Kay Warren at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C.

LISTEN   Carmen talked about how the conversation affected her.

LISTEN   You'll learn about "The Reckless Ones." PB2

WATCH   Here's that interview.

Dave and Bill were happily converted. . .by peanut butter made from powder!

LISTEN   Carmen liked not just the flavor, but the calorie count.

LISTEN   Dave and Bill gave it a try and liked it!

LISTEN   So did these callers.

Tebow graces the cover of the August 21 GQ Magazine. Interesting the effect it's had before it even hits the magazine rack.

LISTEN   Carmen talked about the way Tebow shouldn't be thought of as polarizing.

LISTEN   Dave's wife, Emilie, has an interesting take on the move to New York.

LISTEN   This caller totally agrees with Emilie!

THIS WEEKEND is Kneel United, a prayer event organized by a Tampa Teen.

PRAY   Check out the info in The Tampa Tribune.


Wisdom from the weekend and a new show on Game Show Network called "The American Bible Challenge." Below are a few highlights from early in the week. 

Wisdom from the Weekend:

LISTEN  Carmen came back Monday with an organization revelation!

LISTEN She also found some great family advice about "screen time." 

New GSN Show:

LISTEN  Bill introduced some of the teams on GSN's upcoming "American Bible Challenge" hosted by The Morning Cruise's favorite comedian, Jeff Foxworthy.