Highlights from Monday, Jul 30, 2012

Monday-Friday, July 30-August 3, 2012

TMC with Matthew West and Renee NapierSunday is National Forgiveness Day, so we thought it would be good to hear the beautiful story of forgiveness that came out of tragedy for Renee Napier. Renee's 20-year old twin daughter was lost to an accident caused by a 24-year old named Eric. Now, Eric is practically part of Renee's family. Renee sent the story to Matthew West, who turned it into the hit song, "Forgiveness" and surprised Renee in our studios in June.

HEAR  All the segments of Renee's story and Matthew's surprise on our June 4-8 Show Highlights page.

WATCH  The moment in our studios when Dave said, "turn around."

EXPERIENCE   Renee's DUI presentation to students.

BUY Matthew West's single, "Forgiveness," from his new record, Into the Light, on iTunes.

SING, LAUGH, CRY at Matthew West's Into the Light live concert tour this October.

Dave and Carmen "forced" Bill to re-live one of the funniest moments we had with Gospel music superstar, Amy Grant. (Warning: Carmen gets momentarily stuck in "laugh mode!")

LISTEN   Here's Bill remembering the true story of Amy Grant on the elevator.

LISTEN   And then, we re-lived the painful moment backstage at the Dove Awards.

Have you watched any of the 2012 Summer Olympics from London?  Dave and Bill had a few things to recap on Monday's show. 

LISTEN   Dave wasn't impressed with the Opening Ceremonies. 

LISTEN   These callers had a few comments.

LISTEN   Bill found a very inspiring story of a UGA Paralympic Athlete.

Dave, Bill, and Carmen were on vacation last week, but they brought their stories back with them!

LISTEN   Bill is introduced to Rip-Torn.

LISTEN   Dave and Emilie canoe with manatee in King's Bay for their anniversary.

Finally, on No Net Wednesday, we got this question:

LISTEN   How did each of you "get saved?"