Highlights from Monday, Jul 16, 2012

Monday-Friday, July 16-20, 2012

Bonus: Here's Bill Martin's talk on how the Bible was formed.  

WATCH Three Must-See videos: Matthew West's Forgiveness, Josh Wilson's Shine on Us, andBrandon Heath with The Morning Cruise 7_17_12 Brandon Heath doing Foley effects to Alice in Wonderland.

Brandon Heath was our guest on Tuesday's show! He wanted to share some of his new songs with YOU, The JOY FM community, before he shared with  anyone else!

LISTEN   We were excited to welcome Brandon, catch up with him and broach the subject of his new album

LISTEN   Brandon talked about the heart of his new record, Blue Mountain, and a song called "Diamond."

 LISTEN   Brandon gave us a little inside view of his first radio song, "Jesus in Disguise."

LISTEN   One of the new songs on Blue Mountain was written for his friend Bob Goff, author of a new book called Love Does. 

LISTEN  We had fun with Brandon doing sound effects for Alice in Wonderland.

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, we started discussing that summer reading project this week.If you haven't started, no problem!

LISTEN   Bill tried to don his professor's robe. . .but that was difficult with Carmen in class.

LISTEN   Dave noticed the obvious -- we work with Alice!!

LISTEN   Bill tried to call listeners to get their feedback.

LISTEN   Bill covered "movement" in the first three chapters.

 Check  out several versions of Alice that are free online.

KINDLE  Click the link for Amazon's free Kindle version.

ITUNES   USF in Tampa has created a free audio version of the book.