Highlights from Monday, Jul 09, 2012

Monday-Friday, July 9-13, 2012 

If you haven't seen this video, stop what you're doing NOW and watch! Wow! Remember Renee, TMC with Matthew and Reneeour friend whose story of loss and forgiveness we told last month and surprised with a song and visit by Matthew West?

WATCH   Click the link to see the finished video of "Forgiveness," the song by Matthew West and Renee's story.

LISTEN   We talked with Matthew, having just seen the video!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is our summer reading assignment adventure, and Bill is ready to don his professor's robes.

LISTEN   We'll discuss chapters 1-3 Monday morning on the show.

READ   Here's a link to the free Kindle version, if you like.

Jesus said to love your enemies. How do you do that? (Especially when it's professing Christians who are treating you as the enemy.)

LISTEN   Dave gave props to some Aggies who look more like Christ than the church that's "protesting."

LISTEN   Carmen brought us another example (same church folks) from Pete Wilson, who was targeted.

LISTEN   Here's a key to responding rightly: don't hate the haters!

Natural Bliss Sweet CreamCarmen brought in some of her favorite iced coffee creamer this week.

LISTEN   Hear how excited Carmen got about Natural Bliss.

LISTEN   And here's our taste test!