Highlights from Monday, Jun 25, 2012

Monday-Friday, June 25-29, 2012

Tropical Storm DebbyTropical Storm Debby hit Florida just as Carmen, Dave, Bill and Dara Maclean were embarking on The Summer Cruise 7. We waited it out in our Campbell RV, but alas, by Tuesday evening the flooding was so severe and so many roads impassible, we had to cancel the Florida portion and look for a better time.

Still, we had Dara Maclean, so we brought her to you as a co-host of the show for three days and also threw togther a live concert that we streamed to hundreds of viewers!

WATCH   See Dara Maclean LIVE At The Brown Stone Theater. Dara Maclean Live at the Brown Stone Theater

LISTEN   Hear Dara sing "Free" live.

LISTEN   After seeing the movie Brave, Dave Cruse tried to school Dara is a Scottish accent.

LISTEN   Dara helps Bill tell the story of Brave by supplying ALL the sound effects!

LISTEN   Carmen and Dara talked about true beauty, just after giving our listeners some good advice and product reviews to help them find Beauty for Less.Dara Maclean You Got My Attention

And here are Carmen's & Dara's takes on the following beauty products:

LISTEN   Mascara

LISTEN   Leave-in conditioner

LISTEN   Nail polish

LISTEN   Nude lips

LISTEN   Natural glow