Highlights from Monday, Jun 18, 2012

Monday-Friday, June 18-June 22, 2012

He wasn't shy about praising Jesus from one side to the other: asNik Wallenda over Niagara Falls Nik Wallenda, a JOY FM listener made history last Friday, walking across Niagara Falls.

LISTEN   Nik talked about the conditions on the wire and how talking to God kept him calm.

LISTEN   Nik gave us more of the inside story and talked about his background and family.

LISTEN   His wife and kids are circus folk too. You'll find out what it was like to watch dad up on that wire!

Brandon and TylerHere are a couple of highlights from your calls and questions on No Net Wednesday:

LISTEN   "Have you ever been tempted to quit your spiritual walk?"

LISTEN   We were asked about our favorite Summer Cruise memory.

Back from a week off, your Morning Cruise hosts had a few stories in their pockets:

LISTEN   Carmen had a restful week. . .until the fire alarm went off.

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LISTEN   Bill spent his week with the boys catching fish (and watching birds?).