Highlights from Monday, Jun 04, 2012

Monday-Friday, June 4-8, 2012

She lost her daughter to a drunk driver. But that's just where Renee Napier's story begins.

Somewhere, a couple of years ago, Carmen remembers having met Renee and being handed a printed copy of her story: a tragic accident, two 20 year old girls--Meagan Napier and Lisa Dickson--killed by a drunk driver. How does someone recover from a loss like that? Or, even if they never recover, how do they find the power to forgive? That question caught someone else's attention: while writing songs for his CD The Story of Your Life, Renee with Matthew West and The Morning CruiseRenee's story fell into Matthew West's hands. Though deeply moved, Matthew chose to hold on to the story and only later to put its message into a song. Sharing it with Renee would have to wait for the right moment. That moment happened in our studios.

LISTEN   Matthew West took time away from home to fly in and conspire to surprise Renee.

LISTEN   Renee began to tell her story by introducing us to her family, including her twin daugthers, Carmen and Meagan.

LISTEN   It was a beautiful day when Meagan and her friend Lisa decided to spend some time on the beach, little knowing they wouldn't return.

LISTEN   Renee's first response to the news was shock, but even in those moments, God's love and comfort became evident through the response of family and friends.

LISTEN   Renee met Eric, the 24 year old who killed her daughter, and began to put a face on this tragedy.

LISTEN   Though he was sentenced to 22 years in prison, Renee was led to get that sentence cut in half.  

LISTEN   Forgiveness brings freedom to two hearts, not just one. And freedom changes you.Story of Your Life Book 

LISTEN   Renee had NO IDEA that Matthew wrote a song from her story. . .and waiting in the other room was a second surprise!

GET THE SONG  Matthew's site gives info on where to find and download the song.

LISTEN   Finally, Matthew can share his part of the story with Renee, both of them overflowing with joy and thankfulness

READ    Here's where you can find Renee's story and Matthew's devotional thoughts in print.


Thank you for praying for our  buddy and last year's Summer Cruise guest,Chris August with The Morning CruiseChris August. We caught up with Chris this week to hear him describe his accident and recovery, hear some new music and to, uh, reassure ourselves.

LISTEN   We "road-tested" Chris to make sure his head injury hadn't stolen his memories!

LISTEN   Chris gives God credit for his amazing recovery from a serious brain injury and describes the accident.

LISTEN   Chris talks about how his songs from his upcoming album, especially "Center of It," have been speaking to him!

GET READY   Here's a link to his new album, The Upside of Down, where you'll (eventually) be able to hear snippets from the songs.

LEARN   Head and brain injuries are serious, but there is support! Click the link for resources from the brain injury resource center.

No Net WednesdayYou drove the show again on a No Net Wednesday! Great job!

LISTEN   Tomorrow, this teacher has to say goodbye to students she's had for two years.

LISTEN   This was an interesting question. How would YOU answer?

LISTEN   Since Dave and Bill are experienced dads, this mom-to-be picked their brains.

LISTEN   How do we know if it's God speaking?

LEARN   Here's the book Bill mentioned. Get it. Read it!