Highlights from Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday-Friday, May 28-June 1, 2012

This week on The Morning Cruise it was. . .a crazy week! We had our "annual physical" with some out-of-town coaches (tr. "experts") who took us apart and put us back together again, minus a few parts! Even with the missing day, we managed to have some fun and bring you some meaty content. A Golden Voice

Meet Ted Williams, the "Golden Voiced" homeless guy who has found his way home. 

LISTEN  Ted caught us up on the story since homelessness: "from the streetcorner to the palace."

LISTEN   Staying clean is a daily struggle, Ted admitted. Hear how he does it.

LISTEN  Ted has used his "golden voice" for bad and for good. 

Carmen says Carmen started the week as a stick-in-the mud--literally. The photo is from over the weekend, and the punch line is: "get out and push!" But by Friday, she was all excited about Miracle Noodles!

LISTEN   If you had been in Carmen's car (in a dress), would YOU have been willing to push?

LISTEN   Carmen's daughter, Haley, gave us her side of the story.

LISTEN   It's a MIRACLE. . .It's a NOODLE! It's Miracle Noodles!

LISTEN   These callers confirm Dave and Bill's worst fears.

LISTEN   Sold yet? There may be something fishy about these noodles.

ITADAKIMASU   Please enjoy your Miracle Noodles!