Highlights from Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday-Friday, May 21-25, 2012

And now, a little. . .inspiration(?) for graduates, by way of a commencement speech that never happened (and hopefully never will):

LISTEN   Here's what happened (in Bill's mind)

A chance meeting? You might think differently when you experience the care2tri logofull-circle moment with us that resulted in our desire to team up with an organization that is making such a difference.

LISTEN   Last week, we told the story of Alan and Stephanie.

READ   Carmens's blog tells the back-story and shares how her heart changed when she met Alan and Stephanie.

LISTEN   Monday morning, we shared a conversation with Greg, the founder of Care2Tri.

LEARN    Here's Care2Tri's website.

We dubbed it No Net Wednesday, putting control of the show in our listeners' hands! They called with comments and questions:

LISTEN   This 25-year old girl wanted some marriage advice from the "veterans."

LISTEN   Someone remembered a certain waitress they used to hear on the show.

LISTEN   A graduating senior was feeling kind of sad about saying goodbye.

LISTEN   More love advice. What are we, Dr. Phil???

LISTEN   "Where did each of you get your start in radio?"

LISTEN   "Tell us how you've resolved a fight at work?"

LISTEN   And now a theological question "Can Satan hear our prayers?"