Highlights from Monday, Apr 30, 2012

Monday-Friday, April 30-May 4, 2012Dara Maclean official

We all know Dara Maclean has fabulous hair, but what's her secret? 

LISTEN   Carmen found it! Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt Spray (now marketed as "Surf Spray,") so we called Dara Maclean to get the scoop!

Safe People is the title of a book by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend. You'll start out thinking about the kind of relationships you have but quickly realize you aren't entirely "safe" either.

LISTEN   On Friday's show, Carmen unpacked a few of (ahem...all of) 11 characteristics of "unsafe" people. See how many apply to your relationships and yourself!

LISTEN   We had some fun giving away Dave's Bill's copy of Safe People.

There's a new flavor of ice cream on the market! If you like something that reminds you of home, this may be the ultimate comfort food!

LISTEN   Carmen's favorite flavor of cupcake is now a Blue Bell Ice Cream!

LISTEN   That churned up Dave's memories of homemade ice cream.

Well, May is here: time to think about wrapping up the school year and making sure the spring lawn is looking healthy.

LISTEN   Carmen's husband, Pete, has to cover a bit of a bald spot. . .in his lawn.

LISTEN   Dave remembered--vividly--the last day of his senior year and Molly Hatchet!

LISTEN   Bill's sixth grade graduation was a little tamer, musically. (Warning: this song will get stuck in your head!)