Highlights from Monday, Apr 23, 2012

Monday-Friday, April 23-27, 2012

Matt was on the red carpet at the 43rd Annual GMA Dove Awards Matt with Dara Macleanin Atlanta last Thursday. The award show aired Tuesday on GMC.

LISTEN   Matt caught up with Jaime Grace, Dara Maclean and Laura Storey. 

We mentioned tobyMac on The View:

WATCH   Here's where you'll find it!

COOK   And here's the recipe for the INCREDIBLE grilled pimento cheese sandwich.

Artist (and comedian) Dave Barnes whooshed through town on Wednesday, bringing thoughtful, sensitive Dave Barnes with The Morning Cruisesongs and hilarious stories!

LISTEN   Since he was here last, Dave became a dad! The experience inspired his song, "Mine to Love."

LISTEN   More than a couple of songs on the record were inspired by "little Ben" (if that's his actual name)!

LISTEN   We commissioned Dave to write a song...in five minutes...using the words caffeinated, tomato, and Bertha!

LISTEN   And now, the famous Falling Fried Chicken story!

Sunset StandWe're wrapping up National Poetry Month this week.The pic on the left is photo art Dave Cruse created--a D-Day image overlaid on a sunset from Anna Maria Island--to accompany Bill's sonnet.

LISTEN   Bill read the sonnet he wrote to Dave and Carmen's prompt, "On the beach at sunset," Carmen. . .uhh. . .interpreted, and Dave passed out grades.