Highlights from Monday, Apr 16, 2012

Monday-Friday, April 16-20, 2012

Poetry and baby-fine hair. (When is football season gonna be here againDara Maclean You Got My Attention?!) We'll start with the stuff we got calls about on Friday's show:

LISTEN   Carmen was so excited (uhh...so was Bill) about a hair product Dara Maclean mentioned.

SPRAY   Here's a link to that product.

WATCH   Wanna see those baby eagles in the nest? Click the link for the live stream

WRITE  Bill got an assignment from Dave to write a sonnet over the weekend! Let the poetry slam begin! (Results on Monday's show)

LAUGH  Carmen's mom's dog's photo session. Just listen!

Dick ClarkMoving back through the week, seems like we were FULL of. . .wait. Let's start that again. . .we were bursting with quirky, fun stuff we found!

LISTEN  Dave found out chin surgery is more popular than ever.

LISTEN  Bill found a Rockies pitcher who used Twitter to make a kid's day--and his own!

LISTEN  Dave broke the news to Carmen about an Alabama fan who broke something else.

LISTEN  We shared memories of Dick Clark's life and legacy.

Carmen was back from Denver Moore's memorial in Ft. Worth last week. The experience was bittersweet, mixing fond and lighthearted memories with having to say "goodbye" to a dear friend. Carmen with Denver Moore

LISTEN   Carmen recapped the story of a "defining friendship" from Ron Hall's comments at his co-author and best friend's memorial.

LISTEN    And she re-lived the funeral procession from the memorial service to the interstate, to a country road, to the cemetery.

LISTEN   We reflected on Denver's legacy and the power of transformation in Christ!

LISTEN   When they wanted to make a movie, Denver was skeptical about "signing away his life."