Highlights from Tuesday, Apr 03, 2012

Tuesday-Friday, April 3-6, 2012

The week started with the news that our dear friend, Denver Moore, co-author of Same Kind of Different As Me, had passed away. We dedicated a whole page to memories, stories and pictures, and Carmen posted her thoughts on her blog.

Tuesday, Dara Maclean joined us in the studio to catch up on life and share in Dara Maclean on The Morning Cruisea special announcement!

LISTEN   Hear what we had to say about Dara's future with The Morning Cruise!

LISTEN   We get Dara up to speed on "The Summer Cruise."

LISTEN   Okay, Dara, it's quiz time!

Carmen asked Dara to talk about two of her songs:

LISTEN   Dara shared the circumstances that led to her writing "Gratitude,"

LISTEN   and another song from here debut album, "Home."

LISTEN  Bill noticed the "poetic structure" of Dara's song, "Suitcases."

Speaking of poetry, April is National Poetry Month! Oh, and it's also National Grilled Cheese month!

LISTEN   Here's what happened the first time Bill tried to broach the subject.

LISTEN   And here's where we wound up, with a Dana Gioia poem that really spoke to people.

PARTICIPATE   Here's the official NPM web information.

LISTEN   Not to be ignored, grilled cheese has an official "National Month" as well!