Highlights from Monday, Apr 02, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Carmen got the news on Palm Sunday. Our dear friend, Denver Dave, Ron, Carmen, Denver, BillMoore, co-author of Same Kind of Different As Me, passed away at 75. Denver has impacted our lives, but because you may not have heard the stories, this page begins with some special "archived" moments that highlight Denver as a man, his story, and the cords that bind our hearts to him and to Ron Hall.

LISTEN   This conversation is from 2007, the first time Carmen brought Ron Hall and Denver Moore (who wasn't sure where he was) to our Morning Cruise microphones.

LISTEN   Denver's story begins with the unthinkable conditions in which he was raised, centered around sharecropping--essentially slavery in the modern South--which makes his attitude of forgivness toward "The Man" all the more miraculous. Here again is Denver from 2007.

LISTEN  We call these nuggests of wisdom "Denverisms." 

Carmen and Denver White CarFast forward to April 2, 2012. We remembered Denver by re-living some stories from the book and re-playing some of our favorite Denver moments.

LISTEN   Here's Carmen's re-telling of "Denver and the Dumpster.

LISTEN   "Catch and Release" took on a whole new meaning because of this story Bill re-told.

LISTEN   Dave captures the flavor of Denver's tribute chapter to Carmen from the sequel book, What Difference Do It Make? 

Finally, Ron's transformation from self-absorbed millionaire to philanthropist and friend
SKDAM of Denver really impacted all of us.

LISTEN   Ron's experience changed our attitude toward homelessness and "the homeless."

READ   Carmen's blog on Denver's passing.

READ   The book, Same Kind of Different As Me.