Highlights from Monday, Mar 26, 2012

Monday-Friday, March 26-30, 2012

TONS of people flocked to theaters last weekend to see The Hunger Games. Your three hosts saw it too.Carmen gave it a 6, Bill a 7 and Dave an 8 on a The Hunger Gamesscale of 10. But some Christian parents were concerned about the violence in the story.

LISTEN   Bill responded to the concerns about violence in The Hunger Games with a quote from Scripture and a Christian worldview.

READ   Bill responded to some stated objections with a biblical and rational analysis of violence in The Hunger Games.

READ   An artcile called "Jesus in The Hunger Games" in 'Christianity Today' magazine.

READ   Focus on the Family's review of the movie.

Carmen talked about a blog post she found on "safe people" and toxic people. It seemed to touch a nerve, based on your response.

LISTEN  Carmen shared how her experience connected with Donald Miller's blog (about Cloud & Townsend's book)!

LISTEN   Part Two from Carmen.

READ   Here's the article that prompted our discussion.

READ   Here's the book.

On the lighter side, a few things caught our attention this week:

LISTEN   Dave told us (and we could hardly believe it) what was stolen from Dr. Seuss's lawn!

LISTEN   Dave thought it might wind up in the (rather pricey) Seuss gallery in St. Augustine.

LISTEN   Bill has a bad case of Spring Fever!