Highlights from Thursday, Feb 23, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012Abolition International

Sex slavery has claimed 1.2 million children worldwide. The average age of girls trafficked into prostitution in the United States is 12. It's time for us to wake up to this reality that affects not just remote corners of the world, but our neighborhoods.

Carmen woke up to the reality of this dark world when she invited artist Natalie Grant to join her in a half marathon to raise support for Natalie's organization, Abolition International.

LISTEN   Here's Natalie sharing the experience that led her to found Abolition International.

Near Atlanta? You can find help at Downing Clark HOPE Center & Academy in Adairsville.

Created logoCreated is a ministry in Tampa that reaches out to vulnerable women involved in the sex industry. You have to hear their story!

LISTEN   Meet Joann, the founder of Created.

LISTEN   Joann stepped out in faith and into a dark world to shine the light of Christ.

LISTEN   Devony trusted the wrong man. . .and was trapped, owned and trafficked.

LISTEN   Devony's life spiraled deeper and deeper into a world of sin, slavery and addiction, "shipped" to Atlanta, Orlando and other cities to "work."

LISTEN   We got a deeper look at Devony's world as a prostitute and sex slave

LISTEN   Devony shared about what turned her life around. The change wasn't quick!

LISTEN   Amazing grace! God is now using Devony to reach back into the world she came out of.

LISTEN   Meet April. Once, she was a confused 15 year old on the streets of Bradenton. Then, crack, prostitution and jail defined her life.

LISTEN  The support of Created has turned her life around, and she now goes back into jail and other places to find women like her. And we met Keisha, the Executive Director of Created, who realized she had something to give to this cause, and so do each of us!

LISTEN   Joann and Keisha showed us how EVERYONE can help, as we seek to eradicate this sin and its effects and rescue the victims of sex crimes.

LISTEN  In an early-morning devotion today, Bill "called out" the web of demand for sex trafficking and brought a redeeming word from 1 Peter 2:9.

Human trafficking is not just a deviant, fallen behavior; it's a multi-Resurgence Human Traffickingbillion dollar industry, a creeping vine that sends tendrils into our cities, our businesses, our computers and our homes. We turned to Justin Holcomb, author with Lindsey Holcomb of Rid of My Disgrace, to educate us. 

LISTEN   Justin gave us some basics on this subject. We called it, "Human Trafficking 101."

LISTEN   Justin talked about how widespread the "industry" has become.

LISTEN   There are ways to get informed and involved to make a difference.