Highlights from Monday, Jan 23, 2012

Monday-Friday, January 23-27, 2012

Planning to watch the Super Bowl? Some folks will see Coach Tony Dungy during halftime.

DOWNLOAD   On AdoptionJourney.com you'll find all kinds of helpful info on adoption and Tony's video message. (Click on "For Pastors and Ministry Leaders.")

Brandon Heath co-hosted with us Tuesday. We asked you three questions: Brandon Leaving Eden"What is your Eden? What is your Apple? What is your Heart?"

LISTEN   Brandon sets up the question, "What is your apple?" and reads some of your answers.

LISTEN   Dave answers the "apple" question, so do others, and Carmen wants to make apple juice!

LISTEN   Carmen shares her heart--her personal testimony--and encourages you to discover your heart by trusting God to use "broken things."

BUY Here's a link to get BrandBecca Wilson as our co-hoston's CD, Leaving Eden.


Here's our sweet friend, Becca Wilson! >>>

Newt or Shrute?
Do you see the resemblance? MSNBC did, and since Newt won big in South Carolina over the weekend, we decided to play a little game we dubbed Newt or Schrute.

LISTEN   Hear the questions and see if you'd do as well as Josh did. The Cruiser burger

Just for fun (because Carmen was in NYC), we decided to play another  game called The Moon and New York City.

LISTEN   Amanda did pretty good. See if you can too!

Oh, btw, here is the ridiculous burger Kris made. He gave it a name--the
Cruiser--and dropped on the floor with broken glass. RIP, large one. (Click the pic for a lager view.)