Highlights from Monday, Jan 16, 2012

Monday-Friday, January 16-20, 2011

Human Trafficking is ugly. But it's not just happening on the other side of the world. It's in your city, maybe even your neighborhood, on your street. 

LISTEN   We got our eyes opened to the reality of human trafficking with the help of Dr. Justin Holcomb. Human Trafficking

LISTEN   Justin talked about how widespread the "industry" has become.

LISTEN   There are ways to get informed and involved to make a difference.

HELP!   Natalie Grant's organization, Abolition International, is making a difference. You'll find a place to make a donation, if you choose.

LEARN   Read Justin Holcomb's and others' posts on Human Trafficking at The Resurgence.


READ MORE   Carmen has been reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. 1000 Gifts

Tuesday, new artist Lindsay McCaul joined us to debut her brand new record, If It Leads Me Back, available on iTunes or wherever you buy Christian Music.

LISTEN   Lindsay talked about being on the TV show "Say Yes To The Dress" and sending her guitar player the wrong song! Dave, Carmen, Lindsay McCaul and Kris P. Kreme

WATCH   She videoed the whole thing!  

LISTEN   SURPRISE!! Lindsay told us the story of how a Mark Schultz song influenced her, not knowing we had Mark on the phone.

LISTEN   Lindsay and Carmen shared the challenges of going through a serious illness with parents. 

LISTEN   She got to see the Dead Sea Scrolls! Here's the other side of Lindsay McCaul, applied linguist.

Thursday, Dave gave us the follow-up story on Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice.

READ   Here's the story on where Ted is today from Entertainment Tonight.

Monday was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which got Bill thinking about how Dr. King's life was shaped by the legacy of a father and a reformer.

LISTEN   It was his father, more than anything, that inspired Dr. King to become a reformer.

LISTEN   The title "Reformer" doesn't seem too much to apply to one who stands against a corrupt system and brings fundamental change.

   Carmen looked forward to eating healthy, thanks to her new personal chef, who works (practically) free!!