Highlights from Monday, Jan 09, 2012

Monday-Friday, January 9-13, 2012

WATCH   Francesca Battistelli has a fan who loves her song, "Angel By Your Side." The song helped a 9 year old cancer patient become a YouTube sensation. See the inspiring story from CNN.

We were all blessed when Carmen shared powerful moments from Passion 2012:

LISTEN   What is leading you to your funeral?

LISTEN  A daughter's discovery: "Mom, we need to find some darkness!" (The flashlight story)

Winter Jam is this weekend in Tampa and Atlanta! We re-connected with Jason Roy of Building 429 about the event and highlights of 2011.

LISTEN   Jason enjoyed talking about his new music, Casting Crowns and Winter Jam! 

LISTEN  The band has been through a journey of humility and wholeness.

Bama won the BCS Championship in college football Monday night. For Dave, the #1 LSU fan outside of Lousiana, it was NOT a pretty sight. For Carmen, the Crimson Tide couldn't have looked prettier!

LISTEN   Hear Carmen's little celebration. She didn't gloat, really!

LISTEN   This caller gave Dave a little more of a hard time.

LISTEN  While we're on the subject of football, Tebow mania hit an all-time high this past weekend when the Broncos beat the Steelers in overtime--but does that justify Christians noticing "316" as a "sign from God" everywhere?

Here are other random highlights from the week:

LISTEN   Dave found some "headsplitting" information in his family tree.

LISTEN   Carmen started a Facebook discussion on insomnia.

LISTEN   Bill talked about the power of putting God's word into your "head space."

LISTEN   DID YOU HEAR about Mr. Zoppity-Bop-Bop?