Highlights from Monday, Dec 12, 2011

Monday-Friday, December 12-16, 2011

 LISTEN  ...or download the Christmas Story Montage. To download, just right-click on the word "listen," and choose "Save Link As" on your PC. (You Mac users know what to do!) 

Note: To protect the copyright, this online version does not include the full version of Third Day's "Born in Bethlehem." 

Steven Curtis Chapman with Dave, Carmen and Bill

Steven Curtis Chapman was our guest on the show this week! 

VISIT   Here's Steven's website.

LISTEN  Steven talked about how he and his family are dealing with holiday grief.

(More of our conversation with Steven pending!)


Got a Christmas party coming up? This is HOT!

ENJOY!  Click here to get Dave's wife Emilie's hot chocolate recipe.

WATCH   Dave's two oldest sons' parody video, "Moves Like Santa."

WATCH   Jaymes and Nathan did another parody last Christmas. See their "Ho, Ho, Ho" vid! 

WATCH   O "Holy" Night - not so "holy" the way this guy sings it!

WATCH   Here's the original (aweful) version. This guys goes to great lengths to prove HE'S not lip-syncing!

Ken Gire's Intimate Moments with the Savior
During this season, our ears are open in new ways to the old story. Here's one of our favorites:

LISTEN   Dave reads "An Intimate Moment with Mary and Joseph," from Ken Gire's Intimate Moments with the Savior.

READ   Get your own copy of Intimate Moments with the Savior.

Carmen's "Favorite Things" featured accessories that look great, and some that make a difference for women in underdeveloped countries.

SEE Here's Carmen's blog, where you can scroll down through several of her favorite things!

LISTEN  Some favorite things draw out very interesting conversations... like this one from a guy who is trying not to blow it on his wife's gift (if he could just remember where she was from).