Highlights from Monday, Nov 28, 2011

 Monday, November 21-28, 2011

Sweet potato casseroleIt's not too late to prepare a holiday meal! Chef Doug stopped by with food and recipes for Thanksgiving. Planning a Christmas feast??

LISTEN   Chef Doug gave us the skinny on his stuffing.

LISTEN   SWEEEET Potato casserole! Mmmm.

COOK!   Here are Chef Doug's recipes for Sage Stuffing and Sweet Potato Casserole.

Here's some more stuff you might have missed. Check these out and you'll be all caught up!!

LISTEN   Is the new Kindle fire a good substitute for the more expensive iPad?

LISTEN   Speaking of gift-giving disasters, we called Carmen's mom to get a family story we can all relate to. Paula Deen Green Bean Casserole

LISTEN   Carmen recounts Thanksgiving at her house, highlighting Paula Dee n's green bean casserole! Mmmmmmm again!!!

LISTEN   Some people are "decorating challenged." Bill is at the top of the list.

LISTEN   Holidays bring us closer to home and family...and missing those who are gone. Hear about Dave's first Thanksgiving without his dad.