Highlights from Friday, Nov 18, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

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T-Shirts for Turkeys was a massive success! Thank you!!!

LISTEN  Here are the totals!

LISTEN  Think about the impact!

SEE  Our webmaster put pics of your giving on our website.

There's a Christian group in San Francisco who are striving to bring the Gospel in word and deed together to change a district in their city.

LISTEN   Bill told their story.

WATCH   Here's the whole video of Francis Chan explaining the outreach.

LISTEN   Dave found another church living out a biblical parable.

Family Promise of Sarasota helps families with minor children who have lost their housing.

LISTEN   Hear our friend Wendy, Network Manager, about how Family Promise is helping.

LISTEN   Ordinary families and churches are involved. You can be too.

LISTEN   Isaiah is a dad who was helped by the program and is now helping!