Highlights from Friday, Nov 04, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Chris August was on with us this morning! He's been on the road with David Crowder*Band, and he'll be in Palmetto Sunday, playing to a sold-out house at the Manatee Civic Center.

LISTEN   It was fun catching up with our Summer Cruise 2011 alum and finding out what song didn't make the cut for this tour!

LISTEN   We took it serious to talk about his song, 7x70.

LISTEN   Welp. Gotta go.

If you missed yesterday's Family Meeting, you can hear it by clicking here. When we announced that we'd be taking the show to Atlanta, we were pretty excited...and nervous!

LISTEN   Carmen confesses her insecurity about trying to build the same kind of relationships there that we enjoy in Florida with our JOY FM audience/community!

We'd love for you to help by calling 1-877-FIND-JOY (346-3569) and telling the Atlanta folks what to expect when The Morning Cruise and The JOY FM come to town.

As always, the big weeknd event for Dave and Carmen will be the annual LSU-Alabama college football game.

LISTEN   Hear Dave and Carmen make some promises based on who wins.

LISTEN   Not just football, we had a little controversy over milk today!