Highlights from Wednesday, Nov 02, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday, November 1 and 2, 2011

This Sunday evening in Palmetto will be David Crowder*Band's second to uniforme de jour for the Crowder seven tourlast concert performance ever! The sold-out event is just one reason we caught up with David Crowder.

LISTEN   The elephant in the room was what happens now (and can I have the couch)?

LISTEN   And what will become of the band (and other Crowder family members)?

SEE  Here's a theramin in action.
SEE  Here's the "Twitter Will Kill You" vid.

LISTEN   David reveals the original inspiration for his music over the last eleven years.

LISTEN   We provide some *helpful* suggestions for David's future and find out how Chris August has been doing on the tour.

And now for something completely different: David's friend Louie Giglio was our teacher in JOY FM staff devotions. We thought you'd be challenged and encouraged by this conversation.

LISTEN   These were our thoughts on Louie's subject: evangelism and social justice.

LISTEN   Bill tried to put this discussion in a historical frame, and Dave took it home.

WATCH  Here's a link to Louie's messages on DVD.

And now for something completely completely different: chocolate covered pretzels!

LISTEN   Mmmmm, or should we say M... and... M!?

LISTEN   Shared obcessions are the best, as this caller illustrates.