Highlights from Thursday, Oct 27, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

We met Katherine at her downtown Sarasota studio/cafe called The Garden Tim, Katherine and Mikey with TMCCafe at Shoogie Boogies. She hosted a friend's birthday party there, and Mikey was our server.

LISTEN   Bill's former morning show partner Tim Nixon brought Katherine and Mikey to the show and helped her introduce her story to us.

LISTEN   Katherine describes the significance of symbols in her cafe.

SEE   Here's Katherine's Shoogie Boogie website.

LISTEN   Katherine tells her version of Mikey's story and how she found him.

LISTEN   Mikey shares his rough background.

LISTEN   Mikey came to the bottom of life, where he met Jesus Christ.

LISTEN   You wouldn't think Mikey would wind up in this job, but it's so much more than a job!

LISTEN   Katherine challenges employers--and the rest of us--to take notice of those God has put in our lives.