Highlights from Wednesday, Oct 26, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 25-26, 2011

Fun-filled and meaningful mornings this week (so-far...there's always room to blow it)! After the emotional stories of Baby Carmen on Monday, we got a Tuesday visit from an old friend and former JOY FM morning man!

LISTEN   Tim Nixon from "Bill & Tim in the Morning" (1992-1994) stopped in.

LISTEN   Bill recalled their short-lived television career.

LEARN   Carmen posted Bill's timeline: 25 Years of Morning Shows.

LISTEN   Dave asked Tim about a couple of "legendary" moments on the show.

LISTEN   Tim shared his heart for what we did and what we're doing on The Morning Cruise!

Meet Carmen's new personal assistant: SIRI, the new iPhone 4s interactive, "artificial intelligence" program.

LISTEN   Carmen loves the thing...OH! we're so sorry. She loves HER (not it).

LISTEN   But SIRI doesn't really believe Carmen loves her. You gotta hear this spontaneous response!

Two more calls made the list today, then the rest of the shows were all about NOISE!

LISTEN   Dave's wife Emilie described the changing leaves from her recent mountain retreat.

LISTEN   Carmen's office is ANYTHING but quiet enough for a business conference call, but still, God can get HIS business done anywhere! Professor Crunch

And now, some more noise:

LISTEN   Bill has a superpower...that involves pita chips.

LISTEN   We're not kidding. Here's the crunch-off.

LISTEN   They made lots of noise when a giant LEGO man washed up in Sarasota.

LISTEN   And someone will be having nightmares, thanks to the above story.